About Us


Mas Must Play was founded in 2020 and is a Caribbean lifestyle brand and the brain child of Annie and Merzy. Both of us are firmly within the UK soca scene and saw an opportunity to create something different whilst finding a way to re-connect our Caribbean community. 

We believe that soca is not something that is fashionable for carnival but is the part of the foundations of our Caribbean culture and it is what spurred us on to create Mas Must Play. 

We host predominantly Caribbean events playing the music in a way that really connects the feter to the music. Our main focus is to provide the feter with an experience not just a fete. We also host events under the brand name MMP where all genres are played. This is to acknowledge that whilst our culture is extremely important to us, we do not only listen to soca and we appreciate music from all other genres which connects us to all parts of ourselves and the community.